Laura Sorvala

Laura Sorvala is interested in mapping stories and experiences into collective visual records. She often uses visual scribing or graphic recording as a tool to uncover underlying themes in conversations and highlight the meaningful shared experiences at events. Her illustrations offer snapshots and characters to articulate emotions and express opinions often in a humorous manner.

Laura Sorvala is a visual communicator with a wide range of experience and skills from design and illustration to graphic recording and visual facilitation. She works under the name Auralab and specialises in observing and visualising ‘the big picture’.

She is passionate about developing different visual approaches and methods and using graphic recording and visual facilitation in supporting individuals, communities and organisations. The core values driving her practice as Auralab are authenticity (transparency and empathy in communication), and discovery (providing space for meaning and creativity to emerge).

Laura is co-founder of Come to your senses project in collaboration with Emily Wilkinson of Mindful Maps, and she is an active member of the local social design collective thinkARK.